This article will address the ridiculous and the sublime in answering the above question.  Let’s begin with the ‘ridiculous’. Have you ever sat in the stands of a football game and watched as the players rally around their coach and pray for victory?  Or watched the riotous, reveling in the streets of radical Muslim nations chanting “God is Great” pronouncing Allah on their side? Or have you even considered the meaning of “holy war” itself? The implication with these activities is that God is somehow on someone’s side.  This would also entail ‘knowing’ what God wants. I don’t know about you, but I don’t think I have any inside knowledge of what God wants. And, it hasn’t been proven to me, one way or the other, that a ‘God’ even exists much less one who takes sides.

So, let’s go back to the above examples. In the football game, one side or the other will win.

So, the one that loses, where was God?

Where did he go?

Did he leave them high and dry?

What about the radical Islamist fighting his ‘jihad’ or holy war?

The fact that their martyrs are killed, does this mean that God deserted them too?  If God was on their side, why didn’t he intervene? Where did their God go? I don’t see what good it does to beseech a God who doesn’t come to my rescue or who doesn’t support my cause when I proclaim to everyone that he does. After all, I know what God is thinking. I know what God wants.

Do you believe in a higher power?

This is the evidence of a faith unevolved. It is an immature belief that spouts that God will take our side over our brother’s. But from this same faith of people all over the world, is this a God over all creation? Is he the One, the most powerful, ever-present Being whose wisdom created conscious beings in infinite time and space? Is this the eternal Being who contains the seed of every living thing and from this seed all the universe with its unmatched beauty and awe-inspiring forms was created? If this is the same God, then how could this God take sides in regards to one of his creations over another? I find this answer to where God has gone as ridiculous.

Now, let’s look at the other answer, the ’sublime’ answer to where God has gone. I believe that God doesn’t want anything of us. He doesn’t even have a ‘dog in this fight’. God basically doesn’t care one way or the other.  So, he hasn’t gone anywhere. He is still here, right here…matter of fact, so near that you wouldn’t believe it.

I further believe that God has no laws, he never judges or punishes and certainly has no ‘needs’ since he is omnipotent which means all powerful. Why would an all powerful Being have any needs? To have needs would mean that he is lacking in some way. How can an all powerful Being be lacking in any way? Think about that.

The reason for all of us acting out an infinite realm of choices with each of us thinking we are right, has to do with ‘Free Will’. Free will implies that an omnipotent Being does not assert its power over individual will and choices.  In order to accept this statement, one would have to see this ‘divinity’ as not a concerned, white-bearded, fatherly figure but as a more evolved omniscient entity that exists as an infinite, creative energy behind everything and everyone in the Universe. Perhaps this type of entity exists through us, his creation, and through our experiences in order to ‘know’ itself.

And what better way to know oneself than through the polarities of our physical reality that offers infinite choices.  Thus, in order to know itself more completely in infinite and ever expanding ways, free will was created. This is a mechanism by which  infinite states of being can be experienced from individualized points of self-aware consciousness. This is a world of a myriad of dilemmas, lessons, paradoxes, emotions, ideas, powers, loves and pains — all created by God and all to be experienced.

So, if this is true, then why would God have any expectations about how we experience any of life? And why would God ever intervene? He is here, right with us, experiencing all that we choose, without bias, without judgment, and without interference. This is a faith that allows for an understanding, not of who is right or wrong, but who is understanding of what brings us closer. And what brings us closer, does not involve taking sides.  So, it’s not a matter that God has gone anywhere…he never left.

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