A regular training schedule is key to getting your license in a timely manner. Two or more training sessions per week will result in fewer training hours and thus a lower total cost. Your progress doesn’t have to be limited by your ability to save for your next lesson.

Financing anything has been difficult in the recent economic crunch. Many banks and other institutions that have provided student loans in the past are no longer offering loans for flight training.

Pilot Finance

Pilot Finance has been helping student pilots pay for flight training since 1999. These loans are ideal for students obtaining a first license or adding an additional rating. Application forms are available from our office. Quick response, usually within 24 hours.


There are a few scholarships available to student pilots:
EAA – Young Eagles Scholarships
Women in Aviation

Action at work scheme

For those seeking an alternative to traditional loan options, the charity Fly2Help are offering limited slots for finance support through their online charity. This allows those currently unable to afford pilot training an easy access solution.

Other options?

If you know of other financing options that should be included here please let us know.