Available in Benson (E95) and Sierra Vista (FHU)

Whether its for pleasure or profit there are few feelings like taking the controls of an aircraft.

Learning to fly can be both challenging and rewarding.

With sunshine almost every day, but temperatures much cooler than the Phoenix area, there are no better places to learn to fly than in Benson or Sierra Vista, Arizona.

Benson airport is a small friendly GA airport conveniently situated about 30 minutes East of Tucson (by road) and within easy reach of almost any type of airspace. No matter where you end up flying you can get the experience you’ll need from Benson:

  • Tucson International (Class C): 30nm
  • Sierra Vista Municipal (Restricted): 25nm
  • Ryan Airport (Class D): 40nm
  • Phoenix (Class B): 100nm

Train at your own pace as your budget allows. There is no need to pay for all your training up front, be suspicious of anyone that tells you otherwise. A more intensive training schedule may save you money in the long term because the more often you fly the less you’ll forget between lessons. To make real progress it is recommend that you try to fly more than once a week.

The types and amounts of financing/credit available for flight training is currently limited, but some options do still exist.
Please see our financing page for more information.