Where did we go wrong? When did we go wrong? Or was it going wrong over a decade rather than one specific day?

If you don’t know what I’m talking about/getting you to know about, then read or listen to or watch today’s news, tomorrow’s news, next week’s news, next month’s news. It will all be the same: the economy, stupid. Or more to the point, you and yours truly, and my life, too: what we eat, what we wear, where we live, how we work (how we work — ha!) and how we play.

That me and my stuff have been and will soon, for others too, be wrecked by the sub-prime loan mess, otherwise known as Super-Capitalistic GREED. Not by the capitalistic society itself — it works and has worked in the past for us. That is until they enticed so many, many people into easy mortgages and refinancing present mortgages for loose bucks. doing so out of their own greed. Maybe if the housing market stayed high, got higher, high forever, there never would have been a problem with this sub-prime loan virus bug the bastards released. Dream on.
But, alas, just another bubble bust that may take down some of the largest bank firms with the rest of us individual slobs. Good for them! Their Captains of Banking, and Mortgage Loaning (all those cute loan sharks with the delayed hidden-under-the-pea sliding up vig) and those Captains with an annual salary in the millions! who steered their people and the whole nation down the garbage-disposal drain! So much for million-dollar brains!

They’re calling it a recession, maybe. Let’s call a spade a spade: we’re going into a depression, pal!

Okay, how do we get out of it. By a hair-brained scheme: President Bush and his people (his finance arm just scared the shit out of everybody by cutting the bank’s rate for borrowing money among themselves by 3/4 per cent. Why not just print more money? Why not, our dollars are backed by nothing, certainly no longer by gold) Bush’s people, both sides of the divided Congress, and, yes, the Captains of Banking and Loans plan to “help” by treating the sick economy and bouncing stock market with a rebate plan. We’re going to borrow more on the national debt — what it comes down to — to send each of every qualified consumer some big bucks to spend. Free big bucks.

There used to be Captains of Industry; we were once known for our industrial strength and production; that dwindled with the massive and almost total loss of jobs, but don’t worry, pals, we were then to be the nation of information. We’d all make our salaries by selling each other information. Ha! Now, today, we are a nation of consumers with an economy dependent upon consumers. And global economies dependent on U.S. consumers. Give them bread, give them cake, give them money to spend!

Is this any way to save the Nation? Is this any way to forestall and perhaps prevent a depression? Of course not!

The way out of this white-collar morass is to give them jobs! Let our leaders, the honest ones, check out what FDR did during the last depression. How did he get the Nation back on a healthy track?

Roosevelt and his administration gave make-work jobs to those out of work, of which was everybody, who needed to make money to buy products, food, rent payments, and so forth. FDR did not give them dollar bills, now did he? Of course not. Even freelance writers were given jobs.

Can we do the same now? Yes. Let’s bring back those factories of ours that were outsourced by the greed Captains of Consumerism just to jack up their own salaries, their board of directors’ salaries and the pay-out to their shareholders. All that was done in greed needs to be undone for the sake of our economy and for the health of these United States. Make jobs! Even to-do jobs something like was done in our National Parks as part or FDR’s answer to his depression. Who wants money that will be spent and gone? A Band-Aid that will only create more trouble down the line? This is like sending every man, woman, and child a coupon for a new toaster! Hey, that wouldn’t be so bad if the toasters were made in the U.S.A.

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